Support to the air transport sector and satellite service applications

Programme objectives

The Pan-African (PanAf) Programme, which provides support to the Africa-EU Strategic Partnership, includes an EGNOS in Africa Support Programme. Within this programme, the European Commission and ASECNA co-funded the “Support to the Joint Programme Office (JPO)” action. Although the primary objective of this action is to contribute to the general economic and social development of Africa by improving aviation safety, the action also takes into consideration non-aviation satellite navigation applications. Specifically, the action aims to use Europe’s EGNOS SBAS solution to improve the safety and efficiency of Africa’s civil aviation sector at an acceptable cost.

PanAF Objectives

  • Harmonise aviation safety and security regulations at the regional and national levels and improve aviation safety through technical assistance and training.
  • To increase consumer confidence in African air services, the project will improve aviation safety standards by ensuring that all involved states and airlines meet applicable ICAO standards. Within this context, the technical assistance provided to states will help airlines comply with the relevant safety standards and contribute to removing states and airlines from the EU’s safety list.
  • Improve aviation security through the provision of technical assistance, training and equipment at the regional and national levels.
  • The project will improve security levels at African airports in general and, in particular, for such security sensitive traffic as direct international flights. This will result in an increase in the number of airports that meet ICAO standards, hence providing greater access to more airports.                
  • As more EGNOS-enabled landing guidance services become available, more airlines will add new routes, thus leading to increased traffic at many African airports. This in turn will help enhance Africa’s economic growth and connectivity and promote regional integration.
  • Provide technical assistance to build capacity for the development of GNSS/EGNOS services in Africa.