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SAFIR Working Session 8 - Madagascar

Working Session #8 13th to 16th April 2015, Antananarivo, Madagascar

The 8th and last in the series  of SAFIR working Sessions gathered more than 30 participants in Antananarivo Madagascar among which representatives of the RECs & States, CAAs, ICAO, ANSPs, and Space Agencies.The 4-day workshop which was dedicated to SEGNOS/SBAS Services Implementation Roadmap, provided an opportunity to review SAFIR/TREGA projects outcomes as well. The session enabled participants from various sectors and States institutions to discuss with JPO, PIT (Project Implementation Team) experts and industry and contribute to the consolidation of the initial draft of the developed roadmap for the implementation of EGNOS/SBAS services in Africa.

The Working Session was officially opened by Mr. James ANDRIANALISOA, Director General of 'Aviation Civile de Madagascar' (ACM), who reminded the participants of the benefits of SBAS proposed solution through EGNOS introduction to Africa.Both Mr. Olivier TURCAS, SAFIR Team Leader from Egis Avia, and Mr. Cumbi H. AYINA AKILOTAN, SAFIR PIT member and Delegate, acting on behalf of ASECNA Director General, Mr. Amadou Ousmane GUITTEYE, thanked and applauded all the participants for their active participation in all the SAFIR working sessions, which were held from 2013 to 2015.Mr. Ladislaus MATINDI, Director of JPO, finally welcomed all participants and thanked them for participating in the WS8 meeting.

Various presentations including the challenges, opportunities and enablers, the deployment strategies and the objectives constituting the elaboration of the Roadmap were made. Discussions and debates contributed to the review of the roadmap to ensure that it is achievable, realistic and inclusive of all African Stakeholders interest, to justify the modular approach for EGNOS/SBAS implementation.The meeting was also informed of the high level event involving the African decision makers planned to take place by the end of 2015 to consider and endorse the roadmap for EGNOS/SBAS implementation in Africa.

Delivering his closing remarks, Mr. Michael PLATZER (European Commission) stated that JPO is at a maturity stage and is now in a position to support the EGNOS implementation in Africa. He therefore thanked SAFIR Consortium and TREGA for the work achieved, while re-assuring for the continuity of JPO activities, after SAFIR period.Mr. Matindi (JPO) on his side appreciated facilitation of the 8th Session by ACM and acknowledged the active participation of all contributors during all eight Working Sessions. He applauded the work of the SAFIR PIT (ASECNA, Egis Avia, ESSP, Pildo Labs), SUCCESS Team and finally JPO Staff, while assuring the participants that JPO will take into consideration all contributions made during the session.

The closing Ceremony was officiated by  the Secretary General of ACM, Mr. Aubry REDIA, Mr. Michael PLATZER (EC), Mr. Olivier TURCAS (SAFIR PIT), Mr. Cumbi AYINA AKILOTAN (ASECNA & SAFIR PIT) and Mr. Ladislaus Matindi (JPO Director), who all thanked participants of the working session, for their useful contributions.