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MAGNIFIC International Workshop, Lomé ( TOGO)

MAGNIFIC Project (Multiplying in Africa European Global Navigation Initiatives Fostering Improved Cooperation), a GSA funded  project under EU H2020 Research and Innovation Programme, held its first international workshop in Africa.The Workshop titled ‘Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS/EGNOS applications in Africa’ was organized in Lomé, Togo,from 22nd to 23rd of September, 2015. It provided a great opportunity to all participants to share experiences on EGNOS and GALILEO applications.

The project consortium is led by Pildo Labs and Thales Alenia Space-F (as Technical Leader) and  includes ASECNA, Université de Lomé, M3Systems, CNRS, ACSAL, Telespazio France, ABBIA and TOTAL. Partners include A-Sky Airlines, Aeroportos de Mozambique,AGEOS (Agence Gabonaise d’Etudes et d’Observations Spatiales), SANSA (South African Space Agency), CNES (Centre National  d’ Etudes Spatiales), CAMTEL (Cameroun Telecommunication), CONTRAT and Ghana Space Science and Technology Institute. It covers various market sectors such as Aviation, Transport, Maritime, Port, Environment, LBS and Oil exploitation...

The workshop aimed at introducing various EGNSS technology applications through demonstrations, awareness and capacity building activities towards African stakeholders. This will enable them understand and appreciate economic and social benefits of GNSS/EGNOS applications with a view of fostering public-private partnerships, international cooperation between Europe and African States.The opening of the workshop was officiated by Honourable Octave Nicoué Broohm, the Minister of High Education and Research of the Republic of Togo. Opening addresses were also delivered by Prof. Meissanvi, Dean of the University of Lomé,  Mr Martinez, EC representative in Togo, and Mr Reinhard Blasi from GSA.

Various presentations were made during the Workshop from MAGNIFIC Partners such as ASECNA which contributed from Aviation  perspective.  ASECNA presented an overview of the Agency strategy with regards to GNSS/EGNOS strategy, the link to the Global  ICAO ASBU plan, the current ongoing initiatives towards early GNSS/EGNOS services and the support to JPO operations.JPO presented a paper on Capacity building of ACP countries for future deployment of GNSS/EGNOS in Africa. The JPO presence and its presentation provided an opportunity for participants to appreciate the need of the capacity building programme as a pre-requisite to the deployment of EGNOS services to ensure a coordinated approach at continental level for a harmonized development and implementation of GNSS/EGNOS services in Africa.The Workshop also provided an opportunity for the participants to understand and appreciate the value-added capabilities which will be brought by Galileo, especially for Search and Rescue (SAR) services.

The next International Workshop will be held in January 2017 and will provide the results of all the experiments and demonstrations, therefore concluding MAGNIFIC Project.