Support to the air transport sector and satellite service applications

Conakry - 12th and 13rd of March 2018

The EGNOS support in Africa Joint Programme Office (JPO) in conjunction with the Guinean Civil Aviation Authority and the Secretariat of the Roberts Flight Information Region (FIR Roberts) organized a 3-day Regional High Level Awareness Workshop on the Implementation of the “SBAS / EGNOS, Satellite Based Augmentation System in West and Central Africa” for Directors General of the Civil Aviation Authorities of the Member States Roberts FIR and Banjul Accord Group on the 12th and 13rd of March 2018, in Conakry, Republic of Guinea.

The central theme of the workshop is “Implementation of the Satellite Enhancement System (SBAS) in West and Central Africa – Improving Air Safety, Efficiency, Airspace Capacity and Sustainability of Air Navigation. environment”.

It aims at sensitising and building the capacity of decision makers from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Roberts FIR and BAGASOO, and the civil aviation officials, within ECCAS, UEMOA and ECOWAS Secretariats on the programme of support to EGNOS in Africa which will culminate in the proposal for the creation of a West and Central Africa module.

The Director General of the Guinea Civil Aviation Authority, Mr Mamady KABA, on behalf of the Government of Guinea, thanked the Director of the Joint Programme Office (JPO), for choosing Conakry for the holding of this first workshop in the Roberts Flight Information Region (FIR Roberts), given the highly strategic dimension of the chosen theme. He focused on the benefits expected by Africa from the implementation of SBAS in civil aviation, especially on the enhancement of the safety record on the Continent and the positive impact on accessibility and connectivity even for remote areas. He also described the ICAO recommendations on the use of satellite navigation for safety improvement purposes and stressed the need to implement the required economic and technical studies. He emphasised the role of cooperation and the need for the states involved to be in line with the “no country left behind” principle of ICAO. He recalled the AU cooperation framework with Europe that has led to the development of satellite navigation in Africa and the creation of the JPO. He also made some references to the AU framework of the Space Policy and strategy, the adoption of the Single African Market (SAATM) and the African single sky and pointed out the important role that the JPO should play in providing support to decision makers.

In his closing remarks, he commended the Roberts FIR countries, in close collaboration with ECOWAS, UEMOA, and ECCAS to explore the possibilities of implementing SBAS in West and Central Africa, in coordination with the ongoing ASECNA SBAS initiative.