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AATO and EGNOS-AFRICA JPO join forces together

‘AATO will collaborate with JPO to create standardized training in GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems)’ 


On the 11-13 April, 2017, Ethiopian Airlines was the host of the 4th International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Global Aviation Training and TRAINAIR PLUS Symposium with the theme: Together, Enhancing Training to Build Capacity”, organized in Addis Ababa and which is the first of its kind to be organised in Africa. It involved State Members ICAO and training organisations across the Continent.


Ahead of this important Symposium, AATO and JPO signed an important cooperation agreement in the form of a MoU to address future needs in terms of capacity building in the global navigation satellite systems domain for Africa, from technical but also on the legal and institutional aspects.

The JPO who participated to the review meeting of the AATO training roadmap was honored to be associated and to take part in this continental wide programme for Africa. To meet training requirements within TRAINAIRPLUS Centers, JPO will be involved in the ICAO TRAINAIRPLUS course conceptions among which one to be held at EAMAC (Niamey, Niger) soon. 

AATO was created following the recommendation 5/8 of the AFI RAN special meeting held in Durban in November 2008, stating that “States, training institutions, service providers, donors, ACIP and AFCAC work towards the establishment and implementation of a framework for harmonisation and standardization of aviation training Africa to maintain high levels of aviation safety in Africa”. 

Says AATO Secretary General ‘Under the terms of the signed MoU, AATO will collaborate with JPO to create standardized training in GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems’).