Support to the air transport sector and satellite service applications

The 32nd SBAS/IWG meeting, Seoul, Korea

The 32nd SBAS/IWG meeting, held in Seoul, Korea on the 7th to 9th June 2017, gave JPO the opportunity to a presentation in the SBAS Interoperability to share its experience in the preparation and implementation of an SBAS module (the Preliminary Programme Proposal and the roadmap for the implementation of the Eastern Africa SBAS Module) and to assure common understanding and implementation of the SARPs. This participation enabled JPO to update the participant on the state of art of the SBAS implementation in Africa, to build capacity and to obtain the latest updates about the status of all operational and planned SBAS platforms and services, as well as on critical issues relating to the SBAS vulnerabilities.

The agenda, as expected, updated the participants about R&D cooperation on key SBAS technologies, the activities within the forum of discussion on SBAS Standards, including DFMC SBAS Standards and existing standards, including SBAS and GNSS Status & Modernization Plans and the support to Joint SBAS promotion.

“Actions” resulting from the last meeting were reviewed and some of them were recommended closed following the responses of the auctioneers. Considering the increase in number of the members of the IWG, the meeting reviewed the terms of reference of the Technical group, as technical support to IWG reporting to the Plenary.

This sub group will cover several items as regard to the IWG objectives 2, 4 and 5, and JPO registered as a member of this technical group of experts to learn from discussions and agreement among SBAS service providers before the meeting of the standardization bodies, GNSS performance monitoring, DFMC experimentation results and sharing of raw data / processed data.

The European Commission and all EU Member States requested IMO to add an agenda item on its biennium work programme 2018-2019 for the recognition of EGNOS as World-Wide Radio Navigation System (WWRNS).

The next IWG meeting will be hosted by GSA in Madrid, Spain.