Cordination of SBAS Implementation

SBAS implementation in Africa requires efficient coordination within and among countries given the complexity of the programme. To facilitate the coordination process, JPO has developed the Roadmap for the implementation of SBAS services in Africa based on European technology for consideration, approval, and adoption by African States. JPO also develops Preliminary Programme Proposals (PPPs) with Module Stakeholders to support decision-making for the creation of each Module. (A Module is defined as “A Stakeholder or Group of

Stakeholders acting together within a defined geographical area in Africa working with an agreed upon framework and having capacity to support and execute EGNOS deployment, implementation and service provision”.)

To undertake its mission, JPO develops a Work Programme at each phase of the Programme which is driven by the strategic objectives set by its stakeholders. To-date, the office has established working arrangements through seven MoUs (EAC, IGAD, COMESA, ECCAS, AATO, ACAC, CRASTE-LF); conducted nine workshops (Kigali, Dar-Es-Salam, Brazzaville, Kinshasa, Conakry, Abuja, Kampala, Dakar, and Nairobi); finalised a Preliminary Programme Proposal for the implementation of the Eastern Africa SBAS Module (Technical, Institutional, and Economic studies, roadmap) to support the decision making process; and supported African Union Commission (AUC) for the institutionalisation of JPO and AFCAC for the definition of the Terms of Reference (ToR) of the continental CBA studies and strategy.

JPO conducts technical studies encompassing both ground and space segments systems as well as applications in various sectors in aviation and non-aviation. Present in most international GNSS/SBAS fora such as Inter-Operability Working Group (IWG), European Satellite Services Provider (ESSP), and International Telecommunication Union (ITU) workshops, JPO continues to raise awareness and be present at regional and continental meetings to play advocacy on GNSS/SBAS and related applications.